Space Monkey

Numerous monkeys were launched into space. They were sent to space in order to analyze the biological processes and other effects of space flight. Many of these experiments were cruel, but generated usable data. Read all about these monkey astronauts.

Space Monkey Baker in Bio Pack

History of Monkeys in Space

Many monkeys have bravely served their countries. They helped us gain more knowledge about universe. Read about the history of monkeys in space.

Able - Space Monkey - in Rocket Center

Monkey Radiation Experiments

For many years, NASA has used monkeys to study radiation exposures to animals (and humans). In order to investigate possible missions to Mars, NASA announced new sets of experiments on squirrel monkeys. Monkeys will receive a low dose of radiation.

Russian Space Monkey

Russian Space Monkeys

While USA focused its efforts mainly on short-term monkey test flights, Soviet Union’s testing with monkeys came 20 years later, where they tested long-term space influence on flights that lasted between 5 and 14 days. Read all about Russian space monkeys.

Small Rhesus Monkey

Iranian Monkey in Space

As the sixth country who managed to send and return live animals from space, Iran managed to achieve significant progress in the development of their national space program. Here you can find out more about their space missions and monkey that managed to reach space and safely come back to home.

Famous Space Monkeys

Gordo, Able, Baker, Sam and many other monkeys are the heroes of space exploration. Read about famous space monkeys through history.

Gordo the Monkey in Space

Gordo or "Old Reliable" was one of the first monkeys sent into the space. He traveled further than any monkey had ever travelled before, but unfortunately was killed because his parachute module failed.

Able - Space Monkey

Able and Miss Baker Monkeys

Able and Miss Baker became the first monkeys to successfully return to Earth after space traveling. In 1959 NASA launched mission, which goal was to closely monitor life signs, mental state and cabin environment of these monkeys and safely return them to Earth alive.

Sam - Space Monkey

Sam the Space Monkey

Sam was a rhesus monkey that flew to an altitude of 88 km in 1959. During launch Sam experienced force 19 times higher than normal gravity. He did not receive any negative effect from this flight.

Monkey Able - Space Monkey
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